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  • About this kit - Madhubani is traditional Indian folk art and this Mega kit of ‘Make Madhubani Memorable’ extends the ‘Make in India ‘slogan to a very important and useful theme. This kit carries the art form in a manner especially created considering a younger target audience. The idea behind this craft is to stimulate the interests of the child in the rich art culture of India and is an introductory exercise in that direction.
  • What’s in this kit? - The craft materials are newsprint paper, mount-board cut-outs, acrylic and tempera paints, marker pen, paintbrush, moulds, petroleum jelly, masking tape, Madhubani picture templates, 2 Madhubani picture puzzle sets, coloured sand, craft glue, instruction manual and an Indian folk art book.
  • How do you make these items? Two sets of illustrated puzzles serve as an inspiration for children as the pictures selected - Sun, fish peacock and natural forms will appeal to them. The picture templates In this Toykraft kit carry the Madhubani art form that is specially created considering a younger target audience. You do line-work or fill coloured sand in the empty spaces. The instruction manual and the book on Madhubani will guide the hobbyist in how to make the papier-mache items
  • What do you learn while doing Madhubani Art and Craft? Children in India will be encouraged to understand and delve with traditional art. Most of the traditional art forms are simple and reveal innocence uncomplicated by modernism. This is why they can appeal to children who are not often exposed to a rich and old culture. A little exposure and brief explanation offered in the Traditional art book offered in the Toykraft kit will get them thinking and seeing differently.
  • Importance of Traditional art forms like Madhubani - This is a real Madhubani art treat wherein you have done your bit for the community by popularizing this great art form to a new and younger audience.