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About mandalas, mandala is a sanskrit word, loosely translated for circle. A mandala picture is vibrant, colourful, intricate and reveals new insights of deeper meaning. It represents wholeness some use it for meditation and others to unlock their creativity. When these mandalas are given an illusionary effect the result is really sensational.

  • WHAT ARE MANDALAS? A Mandala picture is vibrant, colourful & intricate revealing new insights of deeper meaning.. When these Mandalas are given an illusionary effect the result is really sensational When the viewer looks at them, the impression is given of movement, hidden images, flashing and vibration, patterns, or alternatively, of swelling or warping.
  • ABOUT THIS PUZZLE SET This is a unique jigsaw puzzle set enables the child to make multiple Mandala designs, Optical Illusions and experiment with the pieces to create Op art. This is done by swapping puzzle pieces from the 3 jigsaw puzzle sets (as the puzzle pieces are of the same size). This gives rise to many multiple Mandalas or optical illusions depending on how you arrange the pieces.
  • OPTICAL ILLUSION MANDALA PUZZLE PLAY In this pack, three sets of jigsaw pieces are provided. Divide the puzzle pieces and their segments in 3 groups as per their designs. Each design will have 29 square pieces and 8 segment pieces. The 3 circular Mandalas designs are made of joining the square-shaped jigsaw pieces and segments to form a circle. This is a sensational jigsaw puzzle set that enables the child to make Mandala designs,
  • MORE OPTICAL ILLUSION PUZZLES The child can make a multitude of designs by swapping the pieces from the 3 mandalas and try to make new optical illusions. Diverse permutations and combinations of jigsaw pieces yields a kaleidoscope of designs. These personalized Optical Illusion Mandalas can be made by crossing pieces between any 2 designs or all the 3 designs.
  • MORE PLAY OPTIONS Apart from creating circular designs, you can also create your own shapes by clubbing the pieces from all the 3 puzzle sets. Start your design at centre and arrange the remaining pieces around it keeping the symmetry in mind. Keep counting the pieces to make sure you have enough to maintain the symmetry. Adjust the form to fit segment pieces.