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  • ABOUT THIS PUZZLE GAME SET This amazing puzzle set from Toykraft enhances observation and sorting skills, logical thought and problem-solving, vocabulary, and expression in kids. They have to segregate the pieces according to different seasons, months and days. Having grouped them together they have to piece together the groups to solve the puzzle in the shape of an oval orbit.
  • WHAT DOES IT COMPRISE OF? This Toykraft educational aid comprises an oval puzzle that illustrates the four seasons: fall, winter, spring, and summer. You can use the elements in the pictures to help teach the children. This 108 piece puzzle can be solved in a step-wise way as it is multi-dimensional.
  • STEPS IN SOLVING THIS PUZZLE SET Connect pieces for one season consisting of 27 jigsaw puzzle pieces, The parent can chip in by providing additional information – like the climate and other important dates for this period. Complete another season and connect to the first followed by Match months with days. Connect the months and days to form a large oval and complete the year with all four seasons.
  • SOLVING TIPS The child can solve one season at a time and each one comprises 21 pieces to form a quadrant (1/4th part) of the oval. Once the puzzle is solved, the child can fit the 6 pieces on the periphery which denote the months and days of each month corresponding to this season. These pieces are colour-coded and the colour blends with the season theme reflected in the picture puzzle: Summer: Red, Fall: Yellowish-brown, Winter: Blue, Spring: Green
  • FURTHER UNDERSTANDING A vital and important fact is conveyed to the child wherein he/she understands the seasons and months are part of the yearly cycle which repeats itself. For example December may be the last month of the year, but more important is that January comes immediately thereafter. The child can memorize and remember the number of days corresponding to each month.