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The jungle is a place of mystery, beauty and nature at its best. Immerse yourself in a joyous expedition as you explore the animal kingdom. Designed specifically for boys and girls who are aged three years and older, Toy Kraft seeks to instill a love for animals in children. Recreate the wildlife habitat in a unique picturesque manner by creating five different jungle scenarios with the amazing fun-filled Toy Kraft In The Jungle Mosaics Minis. The Toy Kraft In The Jungle Mosaics Minis kit contains four numbered templates, a plain template, foam mosaics with amazing gold glitter paper, foam mosaics in eleven colours, a twine for stringing the mosaic pictures, a spatula and a detailed instruction manual. Presenting the Toy Kraft In The Jungle Mosaics Minis kit to your little loved ones is beneficial as it encourages children to develop their sense of colour blending, spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination to a great extent.

  • 4 pictures of wild animals can be made with sticky mosaics
  • Easy to make as colour codes are given on template for colourful mosaics
  • Once completed pictures can be threaded together and put up as a wall hanging
  • Suitable for children 3 years and above