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Indulge your creativity on a whole new level as mosaic art has always known to be a fascinating experience among many artists. Designed for an age group of boys and girls who are three years and above, this Mosaics Minis - Under the Sea kit will enhance their sense of colour and art. With all the multi-coloured mosaics provided in this exciting Toy Kraft Mosaics Minis - Under the Sea kit, let your children unleash their creativity and imagination.

This mosaic-al art is a fun activity that can also be done by adults. Begin by sticking the mosaics on the numbered templates, that are provided in this kit. As you put them together, watch how beautiful the aquatic animals appear to be. Create five different seascape pictures as provided in this fun-filled kit. Gifting your children a Mosaics Minis - Under the Sea kit will surely keep them in a productive mode for a long time.

  • 4 pictures of aquatic animals can be made with sticky mosaics
  • Easy to make as colour codes are given on template for colourful mosaics
  • Once completed pictures can be threaded together and put up as a wall hanging
  • Suitable for children 3 years and above.