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Teaches them about an indian art form if your child finds arts and crafts interesting, which you would like them to translate into a creative hobby, you might both find the toykraft warli art set to be very useful. It teaches children to appreciate one of india's most unique regional art forms, warli painting, which uses geometric figures like the circle, triangle and square to represent various elements in the artist's surroundings. This warli art kit includes an instructional booklet, with interesting little titbits about the art form as well as a step-by-step guide on how to create your very own work or art. Add rustic touches to your decor the warli art set by toykraft comes with nine pieces of coloured card paper, from which you can make four table mats, four coasters and one wall hanging. Instead of the rice-gum paste used by the original artists, which is the only colour besides the muddy red of the background, the set provides you with 15ml of white acrylic paint, which is enough to complete all your pieces. As this art form mainly uses basic geometric shapes, younger children who still have art class will be able to relate with these drawings better. This creative painting kit for kids also includes a paint brush. Brand: toykraft product type: warli painting kit includes: 4 pieces of coloured card paper for table mats, 4 pieces coloured card paper for coasters, 1 piece of coloured card paper for a wall hanging, 15ml of white acrylic paint, 1 paint brush and a book with instructions recommended age: 7 years and up.

  • Coloured card paper for table mats 4
  • Coloured card paper for coasters 4
  • Coloured card paper for wall hanging 1
  • White acrylic paint 15 ml
  • Paint brush; warli book with instructions; this is an art of action pictures, rendered by the warli tribe of india; from this kit one can make 4 table mats, 4 coasters and a picture frame