My Little Cabbage. Preschooler, Memory and Tactile Game with Finger Puppets


Chalk and Chuckles

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A versatile easy game that grows with your toddler! Play a game of colourful hide and seek with or bring story time to life with vibrant finger puppets! Stimulate the sense of touch with textured tokens and play matching or memory. Perfect first game!

Contains 5 Squirrel finger puppets, 16 Texture tokens, 16 Acorn counters, 1 Cabbage plush pouch and Game guide

For ages 2+ to 4 years Players 1-4

Skills -Promotes tactile awareness and discrimination skills.
-Encourages Visual observation, tactile and visual memory, colour recognition and turn taking.
-Encourages communication between toddlers and their parents/caregivers.