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  • ABOUT THIS KIT – This Art and Craft kit from Toykraft enables you to make some beautiful vases along with tissue paper flowers to make an Ikebana presentation.
  • WHAT DO WE MAKE? - The Toykraft Oriental flower vases kit enables you to try your hand with some excellent DIY activity. Paint the 3 terra-cotta pots with oriental designs and motives to match their eastern origins. Embellish the pots with flowers using coloured tissue paper and paper stems provided in the kit.
  • WHAT’s IN THIS KIT? – All the material required to make the Oriental flower vases is provided. This includes terracotta pots. Art material provided is acrylic and tempera paints along with a paintbrush. Also provided are coloured tissue papers along with stiffened paper stems.
  • WHAT DO WE LEARN?– We get to learn to create art and craft activity on terracotta. First, paint all the surface areas of the terracotta pots with the acrylic paint of skin colour. Apply another coat and allow it to dry. This will provide a protective layer before painted the designs using tempera paints. Lightly pencil out the oriental design on the terracotta pots. Decide on the colours to be used for the marked areas and paint carefully with tempera paints.
  • IDEAL GIFT – This Toykraft art & craft activity on terracotta yields pots that look quite outstanding. You would never have expected to see such an amazing art transformation. This kit is also an ideal gift for kids for all occasions – Easter, Christmas, Thanks Giving, Birthdays etc. The final results look quite spectacular and carry a very authentic oriental flavour. You can use them as showpieces or as miniature vases by inserting some flowering plants.