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  • Game Objective Players need to put together 5 sets of 5 farm animals within 5 pens on their square-shaped game boards. While doing so, players earn PANCHO points and the player with the most points wins.
  • Contents - Main game board, Barn boards 4 (as per pawn colours), Pawns - 4, Pento pieces - 30 , Animal tiles - 120 , Dice - 1 , PANCHO point tiles - 21
  • Gameplay- 1) Players roll dice turn by turn, moving their tokens according to the roll of the dice on to squares which decide the action. Actions include gaining, losing, or swapping animals, pen shapes, etc. 2). The pens are in 14 assorted shapes called Pentos based on how 5 squares can be joined in all possible ways.
  • 3) PANCHO point tiles are won by players on being the first to collect 5 animals of one type and fitting 5 Pento shapes to complete the PANCHO perfect square on the game board, and while filling in all the 25 animals to complete the PANCHO. 4) The game ends when all the players complete their PANCHOS. Players total their points and the player with the maximum points wins.
  • Game features Players cannot collect more than 7 animals of one type OR 7 Pento pieces and on some squares of the board - Bartering of animals/Pento pieces between players is permitted OR Missing a turn/extra turn action warranted