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  • ABOUT THIS KIT - Paper quilling is the art of rolling, shaping and bending thin strips of paper into delicate looking shapes most of which are variations of basic rolls and scrolls. Once the individual shapes have been created, they are stuck to form the animal figures.
  • WHAT’s IN THIS KIT? This Toykraft DIY kit contains coloured paper strips, adhesive, paper quilling tool, cotton wool, a book on paper quilling and instructions for making 10 animal finger puppets.
  • WHAT DO WE MAKE? The Book on Paper Quilling provided in the Toykraft kit will guide the hobbyist in making different coil shapes such as tight coils and loose coils in assorted shapes like teardrop, marquise, heart etc. For the individual animal forms such giraffe, hippo, lion etc. you need to follow the instructions for each animal. The different shapes are stuck to one another to form the animals.
  • WHAT DO WE LEARN? This Toykraft DIY art and craft kit will unleash your child’s creativity. Their crafting talents are improved as they make these beautiful quilled pieces. The completed quilled creations look beautiful and can be inserted in the fingers. The child gets involved completely in this very absorbing play activity. The kit provides hours of relaxation and fun.
  • IDEAL CRAFT AND PRETEND PLAY Paper Quilling is a wonderful craft activity that can be a very relaxing and exciting hobby to pursue as you master the art. The Toykraft Papercraft activity kit will serve as a springboard for indulging in this hobby activity. The animal finger puppets made from this kit can serve as pretend-play tools for many an animal story.