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Paper quilling is the art of creating three-dimensional pictures by pasting thin rolled strips of paper. Also known as paper filigree, this art form has been popular from the days of the Renaissance in Europe when nuns and monks used this technique to decorate book covers. Subsequently it became a popular activity for ladies throughout Europe and America who decorated jewelry boxes, tea caddies, bags and purses and made decorative pictures and frames. Today paper quilling toys are popular craft options for both kids and adults. Pegasus ToyKraft under the brand name ToyKraft specialises in the production of various toys based on paper quilling, for kids.\n\nPegasus ToyKraft\nPegasus ToyKraft is a market leader in the craft and hobby toys segment. The company is committed to producing superior toys for a diverse age group, from preschool toys to board games and construction toys for older children. Their art and hobby range has toys that involve paper art for kids, which stimulates a child’s imagination and intellectual growth. Innovative designs, vivid graphics and eye-catching packaging of their toys have won the brand ToyKraft many awards. ToyKraft paper quilling games are extremely popular among kids.\n\nToyKraft Paper Quilling – Play Things\nYour child can create wonderful, three-dimensional figures of humans, animals and objects with the ToyKraft Paper Quilling – Play Things toy. The figures can be comical, realistic or fantastic depending on the child’s imagination. He will first have to coil the strips of paper provided in the game into cones, rings, cups or solid coils. The coils then have to be extruded and gently pulled into shapes. They can even be stuffed with cotton to make them stronger. They then have to be pasted with PVA glue to finish. These paper quilling toys come with paper strips in assorted colours, paper quilling tools, quilling comb, toothpick, cotton, glue, quilling book and an instruction manual.\n\nKey Features\n350 strips of quilling paper in a range of colours\nQuilling tools and comb\nPackets of cotton, wool and toothpicks\nBottle of PVA glue\nQuilling book and instruction manual\nRecommended for children over 8 years of age