Awesome Stawsome



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If you are stuck at home and want to do something fun, here’s a little something just for you. The Toy Kraft Awesome Strawsome is a unique toy kit that makes for hours of engaging play. Fiddle around with the straws and connectors provided to make all sorts of colourful objects. Let your imagination guide you. Sail a yacht today, have your own kitty to play with tomorrow and build a cozy little cottage the day after that. The choice is yours and the options are endless. Facilitate your child’s understanding of shapes and dimensions in a fun, colourful way. For adults, this could turn into an exciting new hobby. This engaging and creative play kit is ideal for both boys and girls who are over the age of 7. 

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Embroidery Floss, Felt Shapes, A Notebook Cover, Stuffing, Fabric, Needles, Scissors, Measuring Tape, Straight Pins, Thimble, Pin Cushion, Buttons, A Pom-Pom Strip