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  • WHAT THE GAME CONTAINS? - There are 64 jigsaw puzzle pieces in this Toykraft learning game. They need to be put together correctly as 4 puzzle-piece sets. The 16 puzzle sets reveal pictures of objects & animals from side-on, front, back and top viewpoints.
  • HOW TO PLAY? - The puzzle pieces of the objects/animals are of the same size, have common jigsaw edges and are colour coded. By colour matching, the child joins the appropriate 4 jigsaw pieces for each object or animal. By doing so, it can study all the views in a set. Some of the objects and animals in the puzzle set include airplane, bus, camera, teapot, tiger, flamingo, penguin and elephant to name a few.
  • EXTENDED PLAY - Like most Toykraft Educational Games, even in this educational game the common size of the piece provides other fun and interesting gameplay options. Taking advantage of this, multi-probe and play possibilities are possible in this learning puzzle set from Toykraft. They can study common viewpoints for different objects and animals. Like in other Toykraft educational games, the Instruction manual provides interesting play and learn exercises.
  • WHAT WE LEARN? – This educational game from Toykraft reveals some surprising views about animals and objects while enhancing their matching and sorting skills and visual discrimination. Thereby children understand aspects of picture perception, recognition, dimension and similarities/differences of views in various objects or animals.