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  • AIM OF THE GAME - Players are Safari adventurers who are in a jungle. Their objective is to spot and place the animal cards on the appropriate locations on the board after hearing their sounds. The player, who is able to discard all the cards first, wins.
  • 1. The animal cards are Gorilla, Elephant, Lion, Zebra, Snake, Goat, Wolf, Woodpecker, Owl, Hawk, Frog and Bee. The audio CD provided in the kit has to be played or it can be saved on your mobile phone.
  • 2. The players need to familiarize themselves with the sounds of each animal. The animal sounds follow a random and repeat mode so predicting the sequence of the animal sounds by players is not possible.
  • 3. Besides the animal sounds, there are two more sounds - Drumbeat and Thunderstorm which provide exciting action-packed variations in gameplay