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  • ABOUT THIS TRADITIONAL ART AND CRAFT SAND ART KIT - Picture templates revealing Madhubani artwork are transformed into colourful display pictures by sticking coloured sand in this Art and Craft kit
  • WHAT IS INSIDE THIS KIT? 4 Madhubani art picture templates, an assortment of coloured sand, black felt pen, craft glue, spatula and a book on Indian traditional art which includes Madhubani are provided in this Art and Craft kit.
  • HOW DO YOU MAKE THE MADHUBANI PICTURE? In this Toykraft kit picture templates which carry the Madhubani art form are specially created considering a younger target audience. You have a choice, either of line-work or filling sand in the empty spaces. Coloured sand is stuck using the adhesive in these areas. Just like in painting, shading effects are also possible by control of the amount of sand used.The completed sand art pictures shown on the box cover can serve as valuable leads.
  • WHAT DO YOU LEARN FROM THIS KIT? Children in India need to be encouraged to understand and delve with traditional art. Most of the traditional art forms are simple and reveal innocence uncomplicated by modernism. This is why they can appeal to children who are not often exposed to a rich and old culture. A little exposure and brief explanation offered in the Traditional art book offered in the Toykraft kit will get them thinking and seeing differently.
  • IMPORTANCE OF TRADITIONAL ART FORMS LIKE MADHUBANI - Once the child has completed these sand art pictures it would be a great idea to picture-frame some of them. The framed art will constantly remind the child of its creative ability. This compilation of Madhubani covers most aspects of the art for an interested student. It can also help them in pursuing this hobby craft to a higher plane by combining paint and sand or practicing the art conventionally using a brush.
  • Product 1: 4 templates depicting Madhubani art form
  • Product 1: 8 sachets of sand in assorted colours
  • Product 1: 1 jar of adhesive glue, 1 paint brush, 1 mini funnel, 1 spatula and 1 informative and instruction Madhubani folder
  • Product 1: This kit has been specially created for children to stimulate interest in the rich art culture of India.