Smart Sticks Countries of the World, Game and Puzzle


Chalk and Chuckles

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A Super Fun Learning, Family and Travel Game for Ages 7-99 Years.
3 Games in a Box- Spin the spinner and pick out a question stick. Get everyone thinking, guessing, and acting. Be the first player to win 5 sticks
Learn fun facts about 60 Countries- Make others guess the country in 3 exciting ways. One, Do not use the given words. Two, act out a famous dance or sport from a country in a game of charades. Three, read out the clues and get others to spot the ODD ONE OUT. For 2 or more players

Contains 60 sticks, Puzzle on the reverse side

Ages 7 to 99 years

Skills Develops General Knowledge, Social Skills, Communication, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Visual motor skills and Confidence