Smart Sticks Scavenger Hunt Game for Indoor and Outdoor Adventure


Chalk and Chuckles

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A boredom buster for kids and adults - A classic game of search and find. The most simple run around activity game that is fun and educational.
Simple to play- Each stick describes a type of item that players must find. The first player to get back with the correct thing wins the stick. Includes instructions to play in 3 creative ways. Great game for road trips, camping, park, vacations, or backyard. Play inside home or outside. Every new environment invites a new way to play

Contains The game set is packaged in a beautiful cylindrical tube with a spinner and 50 Smart Sticks. 100 prompts for unlimited play value. Portable and travel friendly

Ages 5 to 99

Skills Kids develop creative thinking, problem solving, focus, observation skills and how to work together. Great game for developing language and vocabulary for young learners