Smart Sticks Scavenger Hunt Game for Indoor and Outdoor Adventure-Return Gifts Combo Pack of 6


Chalk and Chuckles

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An exciting & engaging game for ages 4 and up.
Designed to promote cooperative play for siblings of any age. Play the whole afternoon or just 10 minutes! Great for parties, playdates, picnics, or a holiday. Keep kids engaged without a screen in sight!
Very simple to play- Each stick describes a type of item that players must find. The first player to get back with the correct thing wins the stick. Play in 3 creative ways.

Contains 50 Double sided Sticks It's the smart educational Scavenger Hunt that promises fun and learning! Get ready for an exciting time of seek and find. No matter where you are-indoors or outdoors! 3 creative ways to play for endless hours of fun. Pack of 6

Age 5 to 99

Skills •Boredom buster for kids and adults - A classic game of search and find. The most simple run around activity game that is fun and educational.
•Perfect gift for boys and girls 4 years and up - Play at playdates, with siblings of different ages, in teams at birthday parties or individually. A great return gift option. 1 to Many players. Makes a great gift for kids, families, and friends to enjoy together.
•The game set is packaged in a beautiful cylindrical tube with a spinner and 50 Smart Sticks. 100 prompts for unlimited play value. Portable and travel friendly.
•Kids develop creative thinking, problem solving, focus, observation skills and how to work together. Great game for developing language and vocabulary for young learners.