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Allows Kids to Express their Creativity

Express your kids' innate creativity by indulging in a unique sand art activity with the ToyKraft Sparkling Hobby Vistas. Whether kids or grown-ups, this DIY pot decoration kit inspires kids to imagine various decorative ideas. It includes six terracotta pots, coloured sands, gold and silver glitter packs, colourful sequins and adhesive. With these sand art materials, your kids can explore their creative talents and design these terracotta pots. Moreover, they can also try out some stunning designs from the picture templates that come with this terracotta pot craft kit.

Sparkling and Colourful Pots for Display

Spend a fun-filled weekend with your kids by engaging in a creative galore with this Sparkling Hobby Vistas by ToyKraft. As you help your little ones with stunning designs, you'll improve their visual-auditory senses when they take instructions from you. With this terracotta pot kit, they'll learn the art of sand painting and enhance their hand-eye coordination. Try a gamut of designs from floral, geometrical shapes, polka to abstract and ornate or simply dapple coloured sand and glitter on these terracotta pots. These decorative pots can be used for candle making or displayed with a bunch of little flowers or cacti in your living room.

  • Brand: ToyKraft
  • Type: Beads decoration kit
  • Ideal for: Boys and girls
  • Recommended Age: 8 years and up
  • Includes: Six terracotta pots, eight coloured sands, two gold and silver glitter packs, six packs of colourful sequins, two adhesives, six picture templates and instruction manual
  • ABOUT THIS KIT - This is a Sand and Sequin art and craft activity from Toykraft in which the kid gets involved with creative play. You make sparkling pictures and decorative mini terracotta pots using sand, sequin and sparkle.
  • WHAT DO WE MAKE? You can make 4 sparkling pictures using coloured sand, sequins, and sparkle. Sand and Sequin Art pictures are quite easy to do, unlike painting. Moreover, they are non-messy art and craft activity. You also make 6 sparkling miniature terracotta pots using this magical mixture of colourful and sparkling art material.
  • WHAT’s IN THIS KIT? Four card templates in this Toykraft art and craft kit can be transformed into mind-blowing pictures. Sand and sequins are provided in assorted colours in sachets along with sparkle and the child sticks these media on the pictures as per the instructions using craft glue. The spatula is provided as an aid for this activity. Besides 6 miniature garden pots are also provided.
  • WHAT DO WE LEARN? These simple art and craft activities are great in developing the kid’s concentration and patience. They channelize the energy levels, especially for hyperactive children. The child gets involved completely in this very absorbing play activity. The kit provides hours of relaxation and fun. They improve their creative skills as they progress from picture to picture and from pot to pot.
  • IDEAL PRESENT - Children can take pride in hanging these Sand and Sequin art creations and also using the pots as little candles for family and friends to admire. Both adults and kids above 8 years and above will love creating these fantastic pictures. This Toykraft art and craft kit is also an ideal gift for kids for all occasions – Easter, Christmas, Thanks Giving, Birthdays etc.