Spell Cat, Spelling Activity Kit (4-8 Years) Educational Game


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Learn to spell 3 to 7 letter words with the Spell Cat in an interactive activity centre. She feeds on cat food that she receives when you spell correctly-a great motivational builder.  Suited to varied learning styles. Letter tiles include both upper and lower case letters.

For ages 4 to 8

-Develops letter and word recognition, early reading, vocabulary, fine motor and writing skills.
-A great educational gift and ideal resource for language building in the early years.
-Suitable for classrooms and homeschool.

Contains: 1 Spelling tray with attached whiteboard, 1 wipe erase marker, 70 Alphabet tiles, 90 Picture word cards, 10 Blank cards, Feed the cat score board with 20 food tokens & user guide. Includes 3 to 7 letter words and 10 customisable cards.