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Paper lanterns coming in various shapes and sizes are associated with parties, festivals and Christmas. They attract attention and make unique lighting and lovely home decor. In India, they are the rage during Diwali and are lit up in almost every home. The star shaped lanterns especially the 5 pointed ones are the hot favourites every year. Unlike the standard variety available in the market, this kit enables you to make your very own customized lanterns. Birbulb, the illuminator through the narration in a book included in the kit navigates you to making these lanterns besides offering you a multitude of amazing finger painting options with the child-safe colours provided in this kit. One can make 3 dazzling starry lanterns from this value kit. Put them up to light up your festival even if it earns you many a neighbour’s envy.

  • Board Cut-Outs for Big Lantern: 5
  • Board Cut-Outs for Smaller Lanterns: 10
  • Finger Paints: 4 tubs (in assorted colours)
  • Palette: 1
  • Spatula: 1
  • Cord: 1 piece
  • Adhesive Glue: 1 jar