Stepping Stones, Active Movement Math Game


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Hop, jump or skip a step towards learning & fun! This kit has multiple gameplays and lots of activity ideas. Roll the foam dice for the number of steps. Throw the mat far, jump on it and balance. Do NOT step on the floor! Indoors or outdoors, If you can jump, you will have a blast! Great gift!

Contains 12 Stepping stones (6 sets of 2), 45 Number cards, 3 Foam dice and Activity Guide. Non-skid foam mats for the children to jump on safely.

Ages 4+ and up, For 2 to 10 PLAYERS

Skills Gross motor skills- Develops coordination and visual spatial skills- jumping, leaping, balancing and judging distance.
Learn math fast- Practice early math concepts, number recognition, counting, addition and subtraction.
Promotes decision making.