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More probe and play is provided by arranging all the sets in the correct order - three on top three below - all in the right sequence to form the big picture which shows the birds in their habitat. The big picture can be stuck on another card and displayed by the parent. They provide a foundation stone instilling curiosity to know more.
  • These are a set of six puzzles comprising of 3, 4 and 5 jigsaw pieces. They depict 6 birds Pelican, Eagle, Flamingo. Hornbill, Crow and Vulture. This puzzle set is a stepping stone to solving more challenging puzzles.
  • The puzzles provide appropriate level of challenge for children - 3 to 5 year old. Being self-correcting, the child can solve them by matching edges. They improve gross and fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. These puzzles are a great way to encourage your child into problem solving.
  • Each set of birds is completed by joining the appropriate matched 4, 5 or 6 jigsaw pieces. The puzzle are then fitted in the correctly matched frames. These six completed puzzle frames are then arranged in two rows by matching the background habitat. This completes the Big picture of Birds. You can help the child to stick these on a card and put them up for display.