Super Word Spy-Speedy Card Game of Word Play


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There are spies on a mission with exciting decoder glasses in a word making game. 3 types of Mission cards.
Entertaining for children and adults- Easy to play. Roll the dice, draw a mission card. Use your skill and speed. Be the first to make a word with the letter tokens. Changing word lengths, thinking in categories and bidding keeps the game exciting. Collect 5 cards to win.
A great party game and best gifts for families and friends who like challenging and fun word games, anagrams, and brain teasers!

Contains Includes 140 letter tokens, 108 Goal cards, 4 Decoder glasses, 1 hand-held decoder, 2 wooden dice, Sand-timer, Cloth bag and instruction guide.

Ages 8 to 99 years, Players 2 to 4

Skill Builder-Speech and language skills, Spellings, Vocabulary and Comprehension. Reasoning, Creative Thinking, Problem-solving, Decision Making, Focus and Attention, Social and Communication