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  • ABOUT THIS PUZZLE SET As a child you would have been often curious as to what is inside a box or a bag and have tried to endlessly discover the contents. This educational aid gives the child an insight into what goes into various kinds of bags, baskets, wallets and cases. They also come to terms with the utility and application of the articles that are essential and present inside.
  • PUZZLE COMPOSITION Through multi-dimensional play it offers the child a rich brew of puzzle options and new discoveries in puzzle construction.In this educational puzzle the bags selected include Travel bag, Briefcase, Ladies bag, Schoolbag, Picnic basket, Beach bag, Wallet, Doctor’s bag, First-aid kit and Toiletries bag
  • THE PUZZLE PLAY Each bag or container (ten in all) has 6 unique articles, resulting in each of the puzzle sets (the entire puzzle set is in the shape of a rectangle when complete) containing one larger piece which shows the bag and 6 other pieces which reveal the contents of the bag. As each set is colour coded the child will be able to assemble the jigsaw pieces for each bag set. Having completed each set, the child can examine what goes inside all the bags and so gets a complete Bag.
  • PUZZLE CONNECTIVITY AND EXTENDED PLAY The jigsaw pieces for the bags and the contents are the same size, have universal jigs -so can be connected to any other piece in many ways. The bags can be connected to one another by joining all the rectangular-shaped jigsaw puzzle pieces and all the component pieces can be connected to one another to form a giant picture assortment. The puzzle picture can be taken to a higher level by asking the child to combine the bags as used in specific instances
  • AS MEMORY GAME The component pieces are mixed and kept face down on the table (60 pieces in all). Players take turns and pick up a pair of pieces with the intention of trying to get a pair that goes into the same bag (wallet, toiletries bag etc). If the pair does not match they are kept back in the same position and the next player does the same. When a pair of the same colour is bagged by a player, he/she keeps it. Play continues and more pairs are bagged by the players.