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  • This educational aid provides a convenient platform for learning the Opposites by putting them into 5 coloured trains complete with engine, eight carriages and the guard’s wagon. Conveying the concept on a on a fun and playful platform is a more effective vehicle for communication of this important topic.
  • 40 Pairs of opposites are solved by self-correcting jigsaw edges. The Opposites are classified in five trains according to the following attributes. "I act" - which signifies action "I place" - which shows positions "I look" - refers to appearance and emotions - "I am" - signifies dimension, size and number "It is" - refers to a state, or time etc..
  • The Opposite pairs comprise these themes and have been accordingly colour coded. So, all the 5 trains are in these 5 colours - each with eight pairs of jigsaw puzzle opposites in their carriages.
  • Fun play for this puzzle set can start at an early age for a child wherein the child connects the engines, carriages and the guards van puzzle pieces of the same colour, or even mixing the colours.
  • The educational aspect can then be initiated when the child makes the matched opposite pairs by checking the puzzle piece colours and then fitting the appropriate jigs.