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  • This is a five-piece jigsaw puzzle set of 24 familiar daily scenarios serving as a one-of-its-kind educational aid for the child to learn the concept and how to read the time. The five pictures reveal: the trajectory of the sun and moon during night and day, the analog clock, the daily events centred around the child and the family, the digital time and the 24 hour clock time.
  • Right from the busy events of the morning, followed by the afternoon and evening activities and finally, the end of the day scenarios comprising night are revealed in the bigger pieces of this Toykraft puzzle set. Sequencing the pictures relives the day's event in the child's life. This can be taken up first as a puzzle arrangement wherein the concepts of before and after as a complete daily cycle are revealed to the child.
  • The puzzle pieces of each jigsaw puzzle set which shows the sun's trajectory and also the moon and stars as a night sky projection can also be linked in a similar sequence. After understanding these sequences another exercise is making 24 paired puzzle sets of the above sequences.
  • The child has to match the colour to make the 24 pairs of puzzle sets which show the day events in sequence. Having solved these puzzle exercises the child can also link the analog clock pieces to the previous paired puzzle set. This can be followed with the digital clock pieces and finally, the 5 piece puzzle set can be then completed with the 24 hour clock pieces.
  • This Toykraft offering can serve as a very useful educational aid for children of ages 4 to 8 years. You can gift this learning puzzle so that other children can also be conversant with time before their time!